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Kardashian Snowpiercer?

Um harvest moon another wonderful life and frozen huh it’s looking pretty good for me

Kardashian and Guardians of the Galaxy? Uhhhh…

GTA V and Purge 2? Fucked.

Borderlands and Guardians of the Galaxy….I think those may exist in the same universe….

Minecraft and Sex and the City 2

Yep. I’m fucked.

Minecraft and The Hobbit

A hard question with an easy answer! - Install a dragon mod for minecraft and see how long I survive!

The answer is: Fucked

Minecraft and 2012

Answer: Very fucked

(Source: firesoulblade123)

So I was watching trutv top funniest and happened to see our slo-mo experts

So here’s my honesty moment, I strongly dislike Carolina and I very strongly dislike Epsilon. Carolina has some kind of dominance issue that has been irritating since season 9 and Epsilon is just a total dick. I mean I know Church was always kind of a dick but it’s 100x amplified with Epsilon. His “I’m better than everyone else and I’m going to rub it in your face” attitude is getting old.

Now that I’ve said that, bring on the hate for not liking 2 popular characters.

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