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Questions I had following Transformers: Age of Extinction (Spoilers)


Now, I love the Transformers movies despite how mind numbingly bad they are. I also love a good Inception like film that is extremely dense and leaves me asking questions far after the credits have rolled. I did, however, never expect the two loves to show up in the same room.

But, I want to…

I think Optimus said something about the dinobots being legendary warriors or something like that but I’m curious to know who they originally fought for. Was it for a certain side or for themselves kind of like in G1. Some origin stories would have been nice.







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he will break the glass

and get pissed

Pissed off Optimus is one of my favorites

he wont be when he knocks your ass through a building



Oh don’t worry Optimus won’t throw you through a wall…just rip your face off.




Okay but, if I were in Tucker’s situation, I probably would’ve done the exact same thing. Been like, ‘Fuck you Felix, fuck you war I have no part in except to get my friends back, I’m gunna go find out where they are.’ Yeah, sure it…

I would like to point out that yeah Kimball made that agreement at the end of s11 but let’s take a look at the New Republic’s track record. They’re barley making it on their own so I really don’t think she can just throw out a “we are barley surviving by ourselves but don’t worry we can run deep into enemy territory to save your friends.” Granted I love Kimball and all but I honestly don’t have a lot of faith in the Republic right now.


Pretty much done. I still need to put Decepticon symbols on the back wings and I think I may shape up the head here and there. (Also emptying out the inside).

Also add the nullrays, but again that’s something I can do later.

This is the largest minecraft structure I have ever built and it was a learning experience. If I ever get braver, I’ll see if I can move it higher and do the rest of his body.

Btw, World Edit is the greatest plugin ever created.

I can barely build a box in this game….and then….someone does this…..

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